Sativieans is a Creative Content Solutions provider with a focus to deliver high quality art and animation for video games and the entertainment industry. With an increasing demand for strong creative content in next generation gaming platforms and portable mobile consoles. Sativieans offers a comprehensive scalable cross disciplinary design and 3D production solution to each project; specializing in Concept Design, 3D art, Animation and Visual Interactive Design.

From the creation of new art styles to mimicking preexisting ones and the ability to deliver high quality art in a variety of unique styles at cost-effective turnarounds. With development expertise covering multiple gaming platforms from consoles and PCs to hand-held mobile gaming devices, in addition to offering a wide range of creative services.


Concept Design
3D Modeling | Texture Mapping
Rigging and Animation
Comic Sequential Art
User Interface Design
Graphic | Web | Logo Design
Game Prototyping
Original I.P. Development